Hi! I'm Chase

An outgoing and experienced Software Engineer who thrives in ambiguity, with hard work effort, great companionship, and is eager to hear about your opportunities.


Bachelors of Science

Computer Science, Western Michigan University

December 2019

Work Experience

Software Engineer - Indeed Recruiter Extension


Aug 2022 - Present

  • Directed a squad of three engineers in collaboration with a Product Manager and UX Designer to develop designated features each quarter.
  • Successfully deprecated third party authentication and transitioned to Indeed's first-party cookie authentication in React.
  • Delivered complex solutions requiring modifications across multiple code repositories, including React, AngularJS, Rails, and Java SpringBoot, demonstrating versatility in software development.
  • Coordinated the design and release of features spanning multiple cross functional teams
  • Integrated existing Indeed features such as Hiring Insights, Analytics, and Resume Outreach, expanding the extension's functionality and user engagement.
  • Facilitated the refinement of ambiguous feature proposals and implement technical adaptations meeting requirements provided by Product

Software Engineer II

Level Data Inc.

Apr 2021 - Aug 2022

  • Pioneered a data validation platform for K-12 school districts to assist with keeping their data clean for state reporting.
  • Containerized webpack bundle, NodeJS API, and batch processing jobs using Docker, and JFrog artifactory.
  • Researched, configured, and deployed Keycloak authentication to Kubernetes.
  • Incorporated multi-tenant authentication and authorization using Keycloak and Express routes on within NodeJS.
  • Built Role Base Access Control within the platform, allowing district admins to delegate permissions as needed.
  • Configured and setup automated deployments (CI/CD) using SnakeCI and automatic publishing of new versions.

Software Integration Engineer

Level Data Inc.

Dec 2018 - Apr 2021

  • Maintained library with thousands of scheduled jobs depending on it.
  • Assisted data integration for school districts around the world with connectors (E.T.L)
  • Worked closely with school representatives and maintained project deadlines.
  • Designed and implemented an error monitoring web portal using SpringBoot to save workers 100+ hours.
  • Created new integrations to obtain data from a variety of different source locations including using Rest APIs, executable files, and web scraping.

Software Developer

Journey Gaming

Feb 2016 - Dec 2018

  • Constructed a virtual trading market for users to buy and sell items, leveraging Java and MySQL, for user-to-user item transactions
  • Provided technical support for a gaming network of over 100 active users, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted gameplay experiences
  • Actively integrated new features into the codebase, addressing feedback and requests from both users and staff, enhancing user engagement and platform functionality.

Contracted Software Engineer

Self Employed

2014 - 2018

  • Dungeon Realms
    • Conducted a comprehensive refactoring and rewriting of the existing codebase in Java, focusing on maintainability and efficiency.
    • Used MongoDB and SQL to seek an effective database system for the network's large influx of queries.
  • Counter Craft
    • Facilitated a large amount of Cloud, Server and Client interaction using Netty.
    • Acquired a large grasp of OpenGL using the Java library
  • Poke Trials
    • Developed a Minecraft server game, inspired by Pokemon Go, utilizing Java to recreate a similar gameplay experience.
    • Synchronized users virtual inventory between cross network decentralized servers.
    • Worked closely with YouTube content creators, providing technical support and maintaining effective communication channels.




A personal AI companion designed to provide comfort over the phone through human-like conversations whenever you need it.



A Discord bot that enables a single Discord server to create a private or public connection. By sharing its unique code, other servers can easily link their own channels to a Tunnel.


Project 1

A Minecraft inventory viewer for any server who wants to display their players inventories for others to see. Technlogies include Material-UI, MongoDB, React and NextJS. Authentication is using OAuth handled by Clerk.dev

Godot Kart

Project 2

A Mario Kart inspired multiplayer Kart racing game built using the Godot Engine. After discovering someone made a single player demo of the game, I took lead on building the multiplayer behind the game which includes all client interpolation, a master game server browser, and the game servers.


Project 3

Simplifying the ability to persist data for applications. Anytime a developer wants to begin a project they will begin by storing data into their applications memory. This aims to allow developers to simply upload their memory cache through HTTP and then on startup pull that cache back down.

International Dog House

International Dog House

Minimalist website created and hosted for a local business in my hometown.