Hi! I'm Chase

An outgoing and experienced Software Engineer with hard work effort, great companionship, and is eager to hear about your opportunities.


Bachelors of Science

Computer Science, Western Michigan University

December 2019

💼 Work Experience


Aug 2022 -> Present

Software Engineer - Indeed Recruiter Extension

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Level Data Inc.

Apr 2021 -> Aug 2022

Software Engineer II

  • Pioneered a data validation platform for k-12 school districts to keep data clean for state reporting.
  • Containerized webpack bundle, backend API, and batch processing jobs using Docker, and JFrog artifactory.
  • Researched, configured, and deployed Keycloak authentication to Kuberenetes.
  • Incorporated multi-tenant authentication and authorization using Keycloak and Express routes on within NodeJS.
  • Built Role Base Access Control within the platform, allowing district admins to delegate permissions as needed.
  • Configured and setup automated deployments (CI/CD) using SnakeCI and automatic publishing of new versions.

Level Data Inc.

Dec 2018 -> Apr 2021

Integrations Engineer

  • Maintained library with thousands of scheduled jobs depending on it.
  • Assisted data integration for school districts around the world with ‘connectors’ (E.T.L)
  • Worked closely with school representatives and maintained project deadlines.
  • Designed and implemented an error monitoring web portal using SpringBoot to save workers 100+ hours.
  • Created new integrations to obtain data from a variety of different source locations including using Rest APIs, executable files, and web scraping.


Feb 2016 - Dec 2018

Software Developer

  • 3+ years of experience of using Java
  • Supported a network with 100+ active users
  • Implemented ideas into our codebase brought to attention from users and staff


Dec 2017 - Mar 2018

Software Developer

  • Facilitated a large amount of Cloud, Server and Client interaction using Netty
  • Acquired a larger grasp of OpenGL using the Java library


Sep 2015 - Feb 2016

Software Developer

  • Refactored and rewrote the existing codebase using Java to be maintainable and efficient.
  • Used MongoDB and SQL to seek an effective database system for the network's large influx of queries.

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